Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Majestic MRSS adds another senior industry professional Philippe Coquelle as Vice President for (APMEA)

— International market research firm Majestic MRSS today, announced the appointment of another senior industry specialist to its International Operations team in its Asia Pacific , Middle East, India and Africa (APMEIA) region to support their aggressive Expansion Plans.

Philippe is a Management professional with 16 years international experience in the International market research industry.
Philippe Coqelle on his appointment quotes, “My major role in Majestic MRSS, is to handle the key current accounts & bring an increase in the share of wallet of Majestic MRSS, through building a team of executives based in Singapore.
Prior to Majestic MRSS he was working with The Neilsen Company, Regional accounts (APMEIA), as an Executive Director (APMEIA) handling accounts like Kraft/Johnson & Johnson.
(He has earlier worked for leading Global Market Research MNC’s like The Nielson Company & IPSOS).

Raj Sharma, the Co-Founder & President of Majestic MRSS, commented in welcoming Philippe Coqelle, I am delighted to have Philippe as a part of our team. His former experience in the Industry would be an invaluable asset to our aggressive growth plans in the targeted region. Majestic MRSS will especially benefit from Philippe’s strategic and change management skills, further strengthening our performance management”. This is one of the various efforts to support its Global expansion plans

About Majestic MRSS:-
Majestic MRSS (MMRSS) is more than a decade old full service market research company with clients in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, FMCG/CPG, Automotive, Information Communications and Technology (ICT), Hospitality & Retail, Media sectors. Currently, Majestic MRSS is present in fifteen countries in Middle East and Asia. Majestic has always been at the forefront of technology as an emerging force in Asia and the Middle East in the last decade. Has further emerged into major technology rich MNC’s with the information on their Market Research practices. And has the state-of-the art technologies like the Eye Tracker, video streaming, Emotional-Measurement, & SMS Research tools.

    Media Contacts:
    Raj Sharma, Sandeep Bhatia
    Co-Founder & President, Director
    DID: +91-93221-05830

Thursday, March 24, 2011

News Update - Majestic MRSS Augments Greater China Presence

After Commencing full service operations in China 2008, Majestic MRSS today announced the expansion of its greater China presence.

The company has opened full service offices in Taiwan, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, in addition to its existing Regional Head Office in Shanghai.
Commenting on the development, Mr. Thomas Baudin - Executive Director (China Operations), said, "with Clients increasingly looking at delving deeper into China; having a larger footprint was essential."

The Company has also opened qualitative research facilities in all locations and enabled the Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai Facilities with Focus Vision and AVG video streaming services. The one way mirror studios are state of the art and offer usability testing services including eye tracking as well.

Mr. Raj Sharma, Co-Founder & President, said, "We are delighted, primarily because Our Clients are happy with our ability to offer then extended and deeper coverage of the region. Once again this development is wholly Client driven."

The Company now has twenty two facilities in fourteen countries across Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

About Majestic MRSS:
Since inception, Majestic MRSS has evolved to become Asia's largest independent full-service market research firm, specializing in multi-country market research. To date, MMRSS has worked with clients not limited but in diverse industries from advertising agencies, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, FMCG/CPG companies, retail companies, automotive companies, telecom service providers, media companies, governments, cooperatives, consumer durables, banking, insurance and finance companies, technology companies and also in many other diverse industries.

   Media Contacts:
   Raj Sharma, Sandeep Bhatia
   Co-Founder & President, Director - Majestic MRSS Ltd. (MMRSS)
   DID: +91-93221-05830

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

News Update - Majestic MRSS Announces Three Senior Level Appointments

To support the increased demand experienced in its India operations, MajesticMRSS has announced three senior level appointments. This is another milestone in its endeavour in establishing new global structure designed to better support its worldwide clients through timely, consistent, and integrated Business Intelligence Solutions.

According to Mr. Raj Sharma, the President/Co-Founder of MajesticMRSS, "The expansion of the MajesticMRSS team with these professionals intends to deliver further value to our clients. Their Industrial proficiencies & synergies, synchronised with our capabilities, should help our global client's derive much more from MMRSS."

Bhoorender Panwar (Regional Vice President, Delhi) previously worked with Market Xcel & Springboard Research; Bhoorender has over 12 years of experience in International business development of Business Intelligence Solutions. Commenting on this move, Bhoorender said, "It is very exciting to be a part of MajesticMRSS, which has been rapidly expanding its geographic footprint".

Deepak Dasila (Regional Director, APAC) a seasoned Market Research Professional, has managed end-to-end deliveries of research studies for global clients across industry sectors. Deepak says, "I hope to significantly grow the Global Accounts we are currently serving & add further Strategic Accounts as well". Deepak previously worked with IMRB International & Synovate.

Praveen Surana (Director Healthcare) with more than 16 years of accumulated experience on the client side practice, including Brands like J B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Praveen will lead the MMRSS Healthcare Practice.

Commenting on this development Praveen said, "My key mandate is to increase the Pharmaceutical & HealthCare Revenues of the practice to the $10 million mark by 2014."
Raj Sharma further adds, "These moves are a result of our extremely rapid growth in India & Oversees geographies & we expect to announce other key appointments across the region in the near future.

About MajesticMRSS:-
MMRSS is more than a decade old full service market research company with clients in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, FMCG/CPG, Automotive, Information Communications and Technology (ICT), Hospitality & Retail, Media sectors. Currently, MMRSS is present in fifteen countries in Middle East and Asia. Majestic has always been at the forefront of technology as an emerging force in Asia and the Middle East in the last decade. MajesticMRSS also has Eye tracking, video streaming, Emotional-Measurement, & SMS Research tools.
Media Contacts:
Raj Sharma, Sandeep Bhatia
Co-Founder & President, Director
DID: +91-93221-05830
SOURCE Majestic Market Research Support Service Ltd

Thursday, February 17, 2011

News Update - Majestic MRSS appoints Ma Foi Randstad

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To support its fast growing business intelligence operations in the Indian market, Majestic MRSS, one of Asia’s largest full service Independent Market Research firms has appointed Ma Foi Randstad Management Consultants. Ma Foi Randstad is one of India's largest staffing and HR service provider.
Commenting on the development, Raj Sharma, the Co-Founder & President of Majestic MRSS said, “Given the phenomenal (60-70% CAGR) value-volume growth in our India Operations, we felt a strong need to scale up our Human Resources to support this growth. We could not be more delighted to partner with a firm of the calibre of Ma Foi in order to meet our requirement of Quality Market Research professionals. We anticipate that will be making some very senior level position announcements within the next fortnight “
Majestic MRSS currently operating in 14 countries and is growing. Majestic MRSS currently operates with around 160 employees in India alone & approximately 200 employees overseas. Majestic MRSS foresees more of such alliances being forged to meet the requirement of its growing business intelligence operations globally.
Shabnam Qureshi, the HR spokesperson for Majestic MRSS added “Our requirements are primarily for senior positions across various business divisions as well as for specific industry verticals.”
About Majestic MRSS
Majestic MRSS, more than a decade old full service market research has been working with clients in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, FMCG/CPG, Automotive, ICT (Information, Communications and Technology),Hospitality & Retail, Media sectors. Currently, Majestic MRSS is present in fourteen countries in Middle East and Asia.
Since its inception as a Full Service Market Research Firm, Majestic MRSS has been conducting research and surveys in different countries. Majestic MRSS is Asia's largest Independent Full Service Market Research Firm with full services offices across 10 countries. Majestic has always been at the forefront of technology and has been an emerging force in Asia and the Middle East in the last decade. Majestic MRSS also has Eyetracking, Video-streaming, Emotional Measurement, SMS Research tools. For more details visit
About Ma Foi:
Ma Foi Randstad’s mission is to shape the world of work and we achieve this through our vision of finding jobs for people and candidates for clients.
• Origin HR and Randstad Staffing in the UK have been ranked in the 'Top 100 Best Companies to Work for’. Randstad Mexico has received a seal of approval by CEMEFI as one of the leading companies in CSR.
• Randstad has been ranked silver on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the sixth consecutive year. These indexes track the financial performance of sustainability-driven companies worldwide.
Raj Sharma, Sandeep Bhatia
Co-Founder & President, Director- Majestic MRSS Ltd.
DID: +91-93221-05830

Friday, December 17, 2010

News Update - Majestic MRSS now in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan

MUMBAI, India, August 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- MMRSS, which has been expanding its geographic footprint over the past 5 years, announced the opening of new full service offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
MMRSS, which has a presence in India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam and UAE, has further strengthened its position in delivering Asia and the Middle East to its clients.
Raj Sharma, Co-Founder & President of MMRSS says, "We have always only entered those countries which our clients have directed us to or where we know that there are need-gaps that can be filled by our service portfolio." MMRSS plans to provide the research technology offerings similar to the existing countries it is in to these countries as well. Some of these services would be Eye Tracking , Emotional Engagement Measurement, Face Recognition, Video-streaming, CATI, SMS Research, Perception Analyzer, Online Focus Groups, Social Media Metrics, 3D Retailing, and other innovations. "We have traditionally been focused on emerging markets, but with many of our multinational clients based in developed markets in the region, full-service offices in these locations was a strongly felt need", Sharma said.
The company said it was in the process of naming Country Heads for each location and would be making announcements in that regard in the following weeks. The subsidiaries have been currently staffed by Senior Researchers from other locations across the Region.
Majestic MRSS is also looking to add senior executives for these countries, and has mandated local recruitment firms to that end.
About MMRSS : MMRSS is more than a decade old full service Business Intelligence firm working in the Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, BFSI, CPG/FMCG,Automotive, Hospitatlity & Retail, ICT sectors amongst many more.
MEDIA CONTACTS:     Raj Sharma, Sandeep Bhatia     Co-Founder & President, Director- Majestic MRSS Ltd.     DID: +91-93221-05830     Email:  
SOURCE Majestic Market Research Support Service Ltd

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Corporate News - Top Marketing Research Firms in China

As ample foreign companies have been opened up at China so there is a growing rush for establishment of a market in the most thriving consumer market of the world. A huge rate of interest has been generated amidst companies of different stature. It can be companies, which satisfy the needs of the consumers based locally and also for those companies, which are willing to open up manufacturing units in China in order to exploit the rate of labour, the professionalism of the labour, the increase in their abilities and the low rent in the different centres in and around the province. This is no doubt offering the companies the advantage to have the competitive edge.

As China is realizing the market value and the feasibility of the market research, it is helping the country to be the major base for the different companies strongly on cost of lower business and labour and this is the very reason why the European, US and the Japanese manufacturers are having their eyes on the Chinese market.

Majestic MRSS (MMRSS) is one of the largest Market Research Agency in Asia offering full service. The company works independently and has specialized in. The companies, with which they work mostly, belong to FMCG (CPG), Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Technology and manufacturers of Medical devices. The base of MMRSS is spread round the world and their functions generally revolves round the Quantitative / Qualitative research undertaken in China.
The market sectors, MMRSS deals on include,
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Media/Entertainment
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Electrical Goods/ Consumer Durables
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Confectioneries
  • Petrol/Oil/Gas
  • Public Sector/ Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Tobacco/ Cigarettes
  • Advertising/Public Relation
  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetics/Hygiene

Majestic MRSS - Automotive Industry Market Research

The automotive industry is changing by the hour and the fresh changes are bringing in newer challenges for the companies looking to thrive in the industry. In fact, the industry is going through a thorough restructuring and reevaluation thanks to the ever-shifting customer demands, the constant evolution of technological expertise, global sourcing trends, new entries in the field, and newer regulations. In this climate, it pays to put your best foot forward and be prepared with extensive information, careful planning, and detailed analysis—because a minor inaccuracy of information or a wrong decision could end up costing you in millions.

In this information age it is popularly opined that whoever holds information holds power in today’s competitive atmosphere. However, at MMRSS we go one step ahead and steadfastly maintain that whoever holds knowledge rules the roost. Raw information, although valuable, is not and cannot be an end in itself. Proper analysis and understanding of information that is encapsulated in a digestible and usable format, however, can lead businesses in the right direction of success. MMRSS has amassed an immense knowledge database and uses this along with current updated information to come up with cost-effective high quality research analyses that is relevant to the current environment in the industry.

MMRSS works to provide industry analysis, data projections, and consultation services to manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, transportation companies, government departments, companies extending financing solutions, and companies manufacturing related accessories & equipment for the automotive industry. Our range of services also include:

§ Proprietary Vehicle Clinic Research
§ Focus Group Research
§ Dealership Development and Design Surveys
§ Car Clinic Tests

Majestic MRSS believes in a comprehensive approach and has standardized several steps to the creation of any single research documentation. Research involves evaluating the possibilities, risks, and scope of the market; quantify market shifts; analyzing competitors’ products—marketing and manufacturing policies; verifying internal sustainability issues; and evaluating possible technology hazards. The scope and purview of the research analysis done at MMRSS is all encompassing and helps our clients make key decisions and gives them the leading edge over their customers. It is the kind of knowledge that imparts flexibility and right footing to a company’s expertise.